Hobart PCYC is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act and operates under the Rules of Association (Constitution) adopted by the members.  A copy of the current Constitution, our governing document, is attached to this page.

Ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation rests with the Management Committee.  This governance statement outlines how the Management Committee (the Board) discharges that responsibility.

The primary role of the Management Committee is to ensure that Hobart PCYC achieves its objectives and works to ensure that this is achieved in the most efficient and effective way. 

The Management Committee comprises of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary (who is also the Public Officer), and 5 General Committee members who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  Persons wishing to participate in the governance of the Hobart PCYC (i.e. to attend, vote and nominate at AGMs, etc) must complete an Association Membership Form attached to this page.

The Tasmanian Police Commissioner may also nominate a representative to attend Management Committee meetings in a non-voting capacity.

Management Committee members do not receive remuneration for their services.  The Management Committee usually meets every month and is required to meet at least six times per year.

The Management Committee fulfils its primary role by:

  • Selecting, appointing and monitoring the performance of the General Manager.
  • Formulating and approval of a Strategic and Operational Plan and Club policies.
  • Approving and monitoring operating and capital budgets.
  • Monitoring the organisation’s progress in achieving the mission, vision and targets set in the Strategic and Operational Plan.
  • Ensuring the integrity of internal control, risk management and management information systems.
  • Ensuring stakeholders receive regular reports, including financial reports.
  • Ensuring Hobart PCYC complies with relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Acting as an advocate for Hobart PCYC whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Determination of a Delegations Policy (including any delegated responsibility for day-to-day operation and administration to the General Manager or any other relevant staff).
  • Working with our stakeholders (including Club members, families, staff, volunteers, supporters and all levels of government and the broader community) and participating in all relevant industry and government forums to promote awareness of our concerns and endeavour to remain abreast of industry developments.

A copy of Hobart PCYC’s current Strategic and Operational Plan is also attached to this page.