Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Program

Hobart PCYC offers an extensive and professional gymnastics program extending from Kinder Gym to Recreational, Competitive and Adult Gymnastics.
Our aim is to include everyone who wants to participate. We promote a fun, positive environment and offer a broad range of activities that will interest and challenge participants of all abilities. Our participants learn skills that are transferable to other sports and keep and healthy and active at the same time!

Information about the various options included in our Gymnastics Program are as follows:
Kinder Gym Program
Recreational Gymnastics Program
Competitive Gymnastics Program
Adult Gymnastics
Our Coaches

Rocket Tots (Ages 6 Months – 4 Years)

Rocket Tots is a 'Free Play' program that encourages learning in a stimulating, encouraging and fun environment and includes movement to music; utilising the gymnastics area and equipment; interaction with other children and play with balls, ropes, ladders, slides, swings, foam shapes, balance beams, trampolines and climbing obstacles.

Mini Martians (Ages 3– 5 Years)

Mini Martians is a movement program for children 5 years and under and their adult caregiver. The specialised preschool focussed class is designed to develop the whole child - socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The Mini Martians program helps develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and posture. Children will learn to follow instructions in a group, interact socially and make great new friends in the gym. The program will prepare each child to enter our Gymnastics Programs and forms the perfect foundation for any other team or individual sport.

Children will learn to use the balance beam, trampoline, rings, uneven bars, climbing rope, crash mats, and springboards and will be introduced to other equipment as their term progresses. At this stage of development, we place a large focus on having fun whilst learning and improving basic gymnastic ability in a safe, structured and multisensory environment. Parents are an integral part of the program and help their child to participate in all activities as directed by the instructor.

The Recreational Gymnastics Program offers skills-based classes focusing on fundamental movement patterns which will assist children to progress into more advanced gymnastics skills and activities.

The games and activities provided are safe and encourage children to co-operate, work with others and build self-esteem, all while improving balance, coordination, confident body movement and developing attributes for long term participation in sport.

Recreational beginner classes start with GymFun and are as follows:

GymFun Program

  • Gym Fun Beginner: Ages 5 – 6 (Class Time 1 Hour)
  • Gym Fun Intermediate: Ages 7 – 8 (Class Time 1 Hour)
  • Gym Fun Advanced: Ages 9 – 11 (Class Time 1 Hour)

Children commence in the class relevant to their age and will continually be assessed as they progress through a wide range of skills. Progression to the next class is based on ability and Achievement Certificates will be awarded as participants develop competency in key skill areas.

Upon completion of these programs, participants will have the opportunity to continue into the GymSkills program. This is a more advanced skills-based program specifically designed for boys or girls and is as follows:

GymSkills Program

  • Boys Gym Skills (Class Time 1.5 Hours)
  • Girls Gym Skills (Class Time 1.5 Hours)
  • Rhythmic Beginner (Class Time 1.5 Hours)
  • Tumbling Skills (Class Time 1.5 Hours)

Once participants who have achieved a certain level in the advanced programs and show potential or have a particular interest in competitive gymnastics, they may then be offered the opportunity to participate in the Hobart PCYC Competitive Program Pathway.

The Competitive Gymnastics Program follows the Australian Levels Program pathway and provides athletes with the opportunity to compete in local, state and potentially national competition events. Joining our Competitive Program is by invitation only - all future participants start in our Recreational Gymnastics/Gym Fun Programs, allowing Coaches to assess skill levels and guide an individuals' interests! The following competitive programs are available:

WAG Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

  • Girls Gymnastics
    (Level 3)
    3 Hours per week
  • Girls Gymnastic
    (Level 3)
    6 Hours per week
  • Girls Gymnastics
    (Level 4)
    6 Hours per week
  • Girls Gymnastics
    (Level 4)
    9 Hours per week

MAG Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

  • Boys Gymnastics
    (Level 1-2)
    2 Hours per week
  • Boys Gymnastics
    (Level 3-4)
    4 Hours per week

RG Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
    (Level 1-2)
    2 Hours per week
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
    (Level 3-4)
    4 Hours per week

TUM Competition Tumbling

  • Competition Tumbling
    1.5 Hours per week

Our adult gymnastics class incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastics abilities. It is the perfect workout that uses every muscle in your body and helps develop gymnastics skills for all levels.

Fun, rigorous and challenging for former gymnasts or any adult that wants to experience an exciting way to exercise.

The class incorporates a cardio/strength based warm-up followed by floor basics (e.g. rolls, handstands, cartwheels). Participants are then able to move on to circuit-based skill progressions where we learn things such as somersaults, handsprings and round-offs.

The level is dictated by participants and our experienced coaches are able to cater for everyone, from a person wanting to try handstands for the first time to former gymnasts. During the class, you will be able to use the floor, airtrack, bars, rings, rope, silks, trampoline and beam.

All Hobart PCYC Gymnastics classes are conducted safely and professionally by certified instructors in an inclusive and positive environment.
Our gymnastics staffing team currently consists of:

Mrs Mardi Eaton
Gymnastics Co-ordinator
Ms Mary Nichols
Coaching Staff
Mr Dominic Mole
Coaching Staff
Ms Ella Johnson
Coaching Staff

Full staff profiles, including qualifications and experience may be accessed on the attachment below.
Pricing for gymnastics programs varies depending upon the number of sessions and disciplines each participant elects to enrol. The session times and pricing information for each program (i.e. Kinder Gym, Recreation, Competitive and Adult gymnastics) is detailed in the relevant enrolment forms attached below.

More Information

Additional Program Information and Enrolment Forms for all of the classes offered as part of Hobart PCYC’s Gymnastics Program may be obtained by contacting Hobart PCYC’s reception Desk on (03) 6107 9206 or by email at