The organisation began as the Hobart Police Boys Club and evolved into the Hobart "Police and Citizen’s Youth Club”. The Club opened operations at the 300 Liverpool Street, Hobart site in 1965 and more recently rebranded the name into "Police and Community Youth Club" to better represent PCYC’s service to the wider Tasmanian community, including those from multicultural backgrounds.

The mission of Hobart PCYC is to provide low-cost, positive, sporting, recreational, social and cultural programs in a safe environment, primarily for 'at-risk' and disadvantaged children and youth as well as the broader community.

Hobart PCYC aims to provide programs and services to enhance well-being, community involvement and connectedness for youth and the broader community. Hobart PCYC is a not-for-profit incorporated association governed by a volunteer Management Committee that provides a governance structure and strategic direction for operational staff.

Since its inception the Hobart PCYC has been an integral part of the Tasmanian community, helping countless children and young people through sporting, educational and recreational activities and many outreach programs.

The State Government and Tasmania Police Service continues to support PCYC’s across Tasmania and continues to support the organisation in becoming an effective youth development not-for-profit organisation that still works closely with Tasmania Police so that we can continue to provide support and guidance to children and young people who need it the most.

There are currently 10 PCYC’s affiliated with the TAPCYC and operate in both city and regional Tasmania. PCYC’s are different to other organisations delivering youth services because of our partnership with Tasmania Police and the Police Officers that work with our organisation, referring young offenders and youth-at-risk to our programs, which plays a significant role in early intervention and crime prevention.

Hobart PCYC has come a long way as an organisation and we look forward to building on our past successes in order to continue to grow as a youth and community organisation.


To be widely recognised in the community as:

  • A professional provider of quality programs for the benefit of youth and the Tasmanian community.
  • A significant contributor to the health and well-being of youth and the broader Tasmanian community.
  • A significant contributor to a reduction in the involvement of young people in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour and the increased levels of communication, understanding and mutual respect between police, young people and the community.


To provide low-cost, positive sporting, recreational, educational, social and cultural programs in a safe environment, primarily for “at risk” youth and the broader community.