Learner Driver Mentor Program

This program is supported with funding from the Department of State Growth and affiliated with Driver Mentoring Tasmania.

Through the attainment of a provisional licence, a young person has the ability to achieve an increased level of independence as well as a greater level of social inclusion by having better access to education, employment, community activities, support and their families.

Volunteer mentors supervise participant learner drivers to provide assistance with gaining required driving hours however, it should be noted that there may be waiting times to access the program depending on the availability of volunteer mentors.

The Hobart PCYC LDMP is not a replacement for professional driver training tuition. Learners participating in the Hobart PCYC LDMP are also encouraged to participate in driving lessons from a recognised driving school should they wish to do so.


Key objectives of the LDMP are:

To assist people who want to obtain a driver’s licence to become safe and competent drivers.
To assist people to access employment, education, training and social connections.
To assist people to access the services and support they require to meet their needs and aspirations.
To reduce the number of people driving without a licence.
To prevent injuries and damage resulting from vehicle accidents by having safe drivers.
To reduce the risks to other road users by reducing the number of unlicensed drivers.
To reduce the number of passengers travelling with unlicensed and untrained drivers.
To reduce the number of passengers travelling with unlicensed and untrained drivers.
(1) Participants must be able to gain a significant life benefit to be involved in the program, such as:
  • An increased likelihood of continuing/completing education and training.
  • Improving autonomy and personal esteem.
  • Lowered chance of being involved in risk-taking behaviours.
  • Enhanced employability prospects.
  • Demonstrated motivation.

(2) Participants who are able to demonstrate disadvantage through:
  • Not having access to suitable supervision to gain the required driving hours.
  • Unable to access a suitable, registered or road-worthy vehicle.
  • Financial hardship.

(3) Participants who have completed the following pre-entry requirements:
  • Hold a current Learner Driver Licence.

(4) Participants exhibiting problematic safety issues will not be accepted. These include (but are not limited to):
  • demonstrated intimidating behaviours.
  • evidence of illicit drug use.
  • health problems that may impair concentration or driving ability.

(1) Mentors will undergo a screening process that will include:
  • Working with Vulnerable People Registration
  • National Police Check and Drivers Licence Check
  • Suitability for training and participation in Driver Mentoring Tasmania Induction Program

The final decision will be made by the LDMP Program Coordinator in conjunction with the General Manager of the Hobart PCYC who has responsibility for the oversight of the program.

(2) In addition, the following criteria must be satisfied by all Mentors:
  • Current Australian Car Driver licence - mentors must hold a current Class C Drivers Licence (not provisional) that has been held for at least 3 years with no restrictions.
  • No Recent Suspensions – mentors must have had NO periods of driver suspension or disqualification in the past 2 years.
  • Meet the requirements set out under the Hobart PCYC Recruitment Policy.

Nil – there is no cost to participate in the LDMP.

More Information

Learner and Mentor Registration Forms are attached to this page along with the LDMP Program Information Kit and Hobart PCYC Recruitment Policy.  For more information about the LDMP, contact our friendly staff on (03) 6107 9206 or email