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Hobart PCYC’s Teen Gym Program is open to young people aged 12-17 years and is generally operated in 8-10week blocks that align with school terms. The Program is committed to building strength, fitness, flexibility and – importantly – confidence and social skills.

These fully supervised gym sessions aim to introduce and teach the benefits of exercise and fitness training with the correct techniques, in a supervised, safe and fun environment. The participants learn about warming up, warming down and the proper use of weights and the cardio equipment such as the treadmill, steppers and bikes.

In class, participants perform a mix of physical activities including cardiovascular, strength and weight training as well as stretching exercises. Classes are purposefully designed to be a positive and upbeat atmosphere for teens to enjoy working out under the supervision of our fully trained professional instructors.

4.00pm – 5.00pm
4.00pm – 5.00pm

There are no specific equipment requirements as everything that is required is provided by the Club. Participants only need to ensure they wear comfortable exercise clothing and appropriate footwear.

Mr Tomas Gunka
Single Session
10 Session Pass

Participants must complete enrol to be part of the program and a Teen Gym A Registration Form is attached to this page.

For more information about the Teen Gym program, please feel free to contact our friendly staff on (03) 6107 9206 or email