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You can learn traditional authentic Muay Thai or perfect your existing Kickboxing techniques. Our Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes are orientated around teaching techniques such as footwork, defence, punching and kicking, while developing overall fitness.

The fitness levels acquired can be far beyond any other type of cardio and it's something that all beginners work up to and achieve with regular training.

Our classes are designed to incorporate participants with little or no experience in martial arts, learning the fundamental techniques and ensuring you build a strong foundation. The instructor will tailor the classes to the abilities of students who attend - from complete beginners to experienced martial artists.

Participants that have been training for several months or more and are able to transition to light sparring and beyond as students, are provided with the opportunity to apply their skills and techniques within a more competitive setting.

Muay Thai classes utilise the art of 8 limbs and you will punch, kick, knee and elbow your way to a fitter and more skilled you. You are guaranteed to get a full body workout in our Muay Thai classes, as well as perfecting your technical form, resulting in weight loss, muscle toning and practical Muay Thai skill development.

We welcome all participants and are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment.

7.30pm – 9.00pm
Beginners / Mixed (15yrs+)
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Beginners / Intermediate (15yrs+)
5.00pm - 6.30pm
Intermediate / Advanced (15yrs+)

Mouthguards and hand wraps are recommended in order to participate in our Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes. Boxing gloves are available for use free of charge, however, we recommend that participants consider purchasing their own personal boxing gloves for ongoing use. These items are available for purchase from Hobart PCYC Reception at the following prices:

Hand Wraps                  $10.00
Mouthguard                  $10.00

Boxing Gloves (16oz)   $75.00

Mr Min Zhou
Mr Xavier Ryan
Junior Club Members (10-17 years)
$5.00 per session
Adult Club Member (18yrs+)
$10.00 per session
Casuals & Non-Members (all ages)
$15.00 per session

A membership forms are attached to this page.  For more information about Muay Thai classes, contact our friendly staff on (03) 6107 9206 or email