The You Go Girl/Bro...gram Program has been developed by Hobart PCYC to target young people between the age of 13 and 18 who may be disengaged from the education system or suffering from various negative health or social issues. 


The aim of the program is to provide these teenagers with the tools to navigate their way through the challenges of adolescence and into the future. 


 The You Go Girl/Bro...gram runs every Tuesday / Wednesday for six weeks during school terms. Students are accompanied by a representative from the school, such as a social worker, teachers assistant or other staff members. 


The school students are assembled and ready for pick up at 9:15am on the morning of the program by the Hobart PCYC mini bus. Hobart PCYC returns students to the school by 1:00pm.


Students are required to bring or wear clothing appropriate for light sporting activities as well as their own water bottle/drink. Morning tea will be provided for them.


There is a brief meet and greet (10-15 minutes) with teachers and students at the school the week before the program commences.


This is an opportunity for the You Go Girl/Bro...gram team (two staff members from Hobart PCYC: Constable Mathew Zukauskas (Police Officer) and Emily Parkinson (Registered Psychologist), to introduce themselves and tell participants more about the program and what to expect.


The program includes physical activities while also covering various topics such as: Looking Good, Feeling Good, Cyber Safety, Mental Health, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Health and Party Safe.


You Go Girl/Bro...gram also links with greater community organisations such as and including Headspace and Pulse.


Groups are selected by their school to participate, composed of no more than 8 students, all of a similar age.

Although the program does target at-risk disengaged youth, a certain level of engagement and willingness to participate is required.


Those with serious mental health issues, severe behavioural problems or complete refusal to engage are not appropriate for this program.


Participants may only do the program once; those who have participated previously are excluded.


Prior to commencement of the program, the PCYC will require the following information for each participant: name, date of birth, address, any medical issues or allergies, any physical/learning disabilities.


Do you know any at risk youth?
Contact the Hobart Police and Community Club to find out more information

Located: 300 Liverpool Street, Hobart.


Telephone:      03 62 859964

Or                    0362 302246

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